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At ImageIn, we help you empower your beauty. We will transform the way you feel about yourself. Develop a strong image and professional presence through our various customized services – Personal Grooming, Wardrobe Management, Personal Branding, Visual Poise, Social Graces and Corporate Etiquette. If you are a Student, a Corporate Intern/Fresher, a Business woman looking to make an impact, or a Bride/Groom looking to dazzle on your special day, or a person who needs a contemporary new look/style makeover ImageIn is just the place for you!

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What our customer says

A great initiative by Krupa Sumanth, ImageIn is the perfect place for a fabulous makeover. Krupa understands fashion like no other. Her style quotient is impeccable.

Geeta J Raman

I have always been a fan of Krupa's elegant personal style. So when she said she was going to start Imagein, I was thrilled. I've watched her styling models, friends, and film stars with equal elan, and I've been stunned every single time. Her keen eye for color, amazing sense of accessorizing, and overall good taste make her image makeovers a delight to behold. Wishing you the best of luck Krupa!

Poornima Unnithan

Krupa....Beauty has so many forms and the most beautiful thing in this character is the confidence one shows .You live life to the fullest potential and give light to your dreams.

Your new venture, Imagein, is sure to take you to new heights and will truly leave an ever lasting Impression n Image with all of us. 👍

Anju S Talreja

Krupa is a smart, beautiful, enterprising, charming and a successful entrepreneur all rolled into one bundle of fun!!!
She has a great sense of fashion keeping style in mind !!
I wish Krupa all the very best and am confident that she will groom her clients with dedication and professionally.

Suma Prakash

Krupa has always been impressive in all the years I have known her. She is a trend setter. Now with imagein and the kind of pristine services in the offing, stars are the limit for Krupa! Go for it girl!

Rathi Vikram

ImageIn is THE great place if you want a New look ... A New style and a New attitude towards not just the way you look on the outside but more importantly how confident you feel on the inside.
Krupa is very passionate about understanding her clients needs and then adding her own Magic to give the Client an Experience they will never forget !!

Kavitha Garla

Congrats and all the best krupa... I have known you for 20 + years excel and bring out the best in all that you do... and I am sure Image makeover will be one such... congrats on starting something that mysore is much in need of... all the best

Deepa Venkatesh

Krupa Sumanth is a friend of 25 years now..
she first brought Impressions to Mysore to bring out the fashionistas in our small city.
By bringing vendors from all over India to Mysore..
she plans all her exhibitions just before we get to wear the latest styles.

Upasana Sanjay

Imagein is a perfect place for an overall makeover of an individual ,be it a celebrity or a homemaker
krupa will present you at your best ....

Heema Kaverappa

A culmination of taste , talent and class.thats what is Krupa and Imagein.

Kavya Kailash

I thank Krupa/ImageIn for such a memorable experience! Her innate sense of style n fashion expertise is unmatachable
She instantly puts you at ease and you come out refined.

Pooja Kiran

Learning or being reminded to wear clothing that exemplifies the positive assets of the body and lessen the negative aspects and discovering what a positive impact this has on the minds way of thinking about myself.
Every woman deserves to look and feel amazing and Krupa you do just that !!!
Just want to say thank you and let you know that you are truly amazing!!

Munnu Jackson

I was hesitant to try contemporary styling in traditional saris. But it couldn’t go wrong when Krupa the stylist from ImageIn is at your rescue. Now I’m bold to mix and match any kind of saris and cholis and get that elegant look.

Neeta kushalappa

Krupa has been a pioneer in bringing the latest and best fashion to Mysore. Her sense of style has inspired and influenced many of us!

Prithvi Sudindar

Most stylish, jovial, talented and social person I know in Mysuru who takes up any challenge confidently. A thorough professional when at work and a totally relaxed person otherwise

Neela Mahesh

ImageIn is a great way to bring out the best in oneself. We can discover our potential, and gain confidence with a proper image makeover

Vaishali Hanumanth

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