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Did you know you could dress up to influence?

Yes, you read that right, you can influence by dressing right. This technique of dressing is called Power dressing and it is followed by women in corporates and even the women in powerful positions with the government in US and UK and few other countries. As a concept, it has evolved from decades and it sets a tone for corporate dressing. From Princess Diana to Margaret Thatcher to Michelle Obama, they adopted this technique of dressing. As formal as it gets, it also gives them a touch of elegance and that aura around them.

So what is Power Dressing? 

It is the dressing style which intends to show that one holds an important position or a designation either in business or politics or in a profession. It is about looking smart and commanding respect. But this doesn’t mean you wind up wearing something uncomfortable or something too boring. Here, let’s take you through this… 

There are mainly 4 kinds of dress codes in corporates and it is familiar with everyone by now. They are business formals, business casuals, Business professional and casual. Don’t let these big words scare you and just simply remember few things : 

1 : Comfort is your best friend

 No matter how formal or dress is or how casual it is, comfort comes first. You should be able to comfortably walk around in your workplace, sit down for hours, move freely and just be yourself. Understand your body type before you shop your apparel.

2. Don't seek attention :

Don’t use dressing to seek attention or don’t show too much skin. It is really not recommended for a workplace. Always wear something that adds to your confidence and not more eyes on you.

3. Grooming :

Groom as good as you dress. If you’re wearing a nice dress that really compliments your body type, ensure you arel groomed as well. This isn’t just a female thing, it is also for the men out there.

4. Consistency :

We’re not asking you to dress monotonous but actually maintain a method or a common outlook in dressing. Have a colour palette that you know look really good on you and go on mixing them. Don’t go too funky or bold for a corporate attire, although it is sometimes tempting.

5. Occasion based :

Everyday in the office isn’t the same. If you’re anticipating any event or occasion at workplace, ensure your dress deems fit and appropriate. Don’t overdress or underdress based on your mood. Just set a consistent tone. 

So now that we have established these basics, let’s get into more on power dressing. “You can have anything in life, if you dress for it”, is quite rightly said. A lot of people’s perception initially is formed by what you wear and how you pull it off. It is just a booster for confidence and image that speaks before you do. Match your attire with your footwear and bag and keep your skin and lips very subtle. Nude shades these days are surely picking up trend as it is make up that does not look made up. So choose something to put on that is mostly in sync with how you already look. Choose and wear well fit suits and blazers and don’t make them stick to your body. 

Always reflect a blend of free spirit with the touch of being commanding than coming out very sophisticated and harsh in dressing. But remember the most important part of your outlook, the smile.