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From first impressions to lasting memories

A propensity to embrace chaos is perhaps the most important trait of an event planner. However, this being necessary isn’t sufficient,” says Mrs. Krupa Sumanth, the calm curator behind the stormy shores of a world riddled with multiple choices, perspectives and offerings. 

The idea of finding serenity amidst chaos is akin to finding true love itself. It doesn’t happen overnight, it involves spending enough time in understanding, in being compatible with and in consistently enjoying the passing of each new day. And through Impressionz, Mrs. Krupa found her love.  Travelling across the country tirelessly for over 20 years and curating a nexus of vendors, all the while keeping in sight the wants and desires of her clients, Impressionz has helped Mrs. Krupa in slowly but surely being able to weather the chaos and in bringing a touch of class, style and suave to Mysureans. Concocting the rare resource of a tightly-knit network of phenomenally talented artists, designers and more from various states, Mrs. Krupa has empowered her clients to have a window for complete customisation of services. 

In a time when disintermediation is preferred across sectors, Mrs. Krupa professed the value of intermediation, keeping in mind the cost of “being calm”, aka, weathering the chaos. Every bride or groom, every woman or man, or a corporate executive need nothing more than to focus on the things they value most, especially during the most important and happiest chapter of their lives. Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding like no other, a perfect look or an impeccable event, and true uniqueness is possible, true perfection is possible only when there is someone who can minimize the stress and help navigate through the maze, help pool in the best and help collaborate to create anew rather than use a templated approach.   This thought grew into an idea, the idea into a business model and the business model into a brick-and-mortar office, and thus was born ImageIn Consultants. Being at the forefront of fashion, feel and creativity, Mrs. Krupa brings to the table a one-stop solution for all personal grooming, wardrobe management, personal branding, corporate event and wedding planning. 

The process is what she loves the most. From the initial conversation with the client, to diving deeper into the nuances of their needs and ensuring they are curated with the right vendors, ImageIn being partnered with assorted vendors all over the country, makes the process distinctive and facile. A wedding on the beach or in a cruise or even making a pleasant wedlock on the desert at some part of the world, she ensures everything is done from the outset to the epilogue. She believes in curation that makes a difference, that adds value, giving them something to cherish. Just like how her tagline says,’Beyond first impressions’, it is safe to annex ‘To lasting memories’. 

Wedding planning

When asked what is the one thing you seek the most from your clients, Mrs. Krupa says – “Trust”. Having been in the industry for over 2 decades and having worked with over 100 vendors, Mrs. Krupa understands the pain points, the emotions and often the unspoken however latent fear involved in planning and executing a perfect event. She says that the food she has mainly relied on for success over the years is the trust she has built and inspired by her many stakeholders, which she wants to cascade to ImageIn. Inspiring trust involves performing over and beyond the non-verbals in every clients’ mind, and Mrs. Krupa’s team is all to willing to walk the extra mile as you walk down the aisle.