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‘There is no force more powerful than a person determined to rise”. This quote is not merely a fancy line but a rising reality in today’s world. People are breaking stereotypes and barriers and are determined to make more of themselves. Giving these people a hand and furthering their success, is the renowned London certified Image Consultant, Mrs Krupa Sumanth. Having already been in the limelight for her brand Impressionz, the fire in her to do more has given birth to ImageIn Consultants.  ImageIn Consultants is a young and new brand conceived and nurtured in Mysore, which helps people build confidence, rework their soft skills, social skills, etiquette, executive and corporate dressing, wardrobe and consults people for a makeover, grooming and styling.    “Dressing is a very personal and unique affair. Our dressing and outlook should be able to speak about us when we walk into a room, even before the introduction. One could carry an executive look in the morning for a meeting and go all boho or funky for an evening do, it all just depends on how much we truly understand the language our body and style speak”, says Mrs Krupa, when asked about dressing and attire. “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”, once said Edith Head and this just doesn’t talk about the attire but the aura of how we carry ourselves and the vibe we echo.  ImageIn consultants is offering first of its kind masterclasses and one-on-one consultation for Image makeover. This includes learning the art of power dressing, confidence building, uplifting soft and social skills, etiquettes, grooming, makeover, styling, wardrobe consultation, attire management, corporate outlook, executive outlook, personality enhancement and a lot more under one banner.  From a 20-year-old college-going girl to 58-year-old  corporate executive to a bride-to-be, ImageIn is the solution for all personality-related solutions and enhancement. These sessions cover a wide range of array related to beauty, grooming and personality and used by both men and women in their different walks of life. It is a one-point stop for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd and look attractive in the right way.  Mrs Krupa is passionate about working with people in helping them understand themselves better. She says that she enjoys going in-depth about how to feel better by looking better, what colours to wear and how to dress in a way that makes a statement and not merely clothes that cover our skin. It is a myth that it takes a lot of money to dress up and carry oneself. This is where Mrs Krupa turns her wands of magic and shows her client how it is done.  This current lifestyle is touching us all with a need to look and be very pleasing and presentable, irrespective of the field we are in. It is exactly here that Mrs Krupa comes in and makes one reflect their beauty outwardly.  ImageIn consultants has a cosy studio at V V Mohalla, where one could drop by for a consultation, that can change their entire outlook on dressing and self-presentation. You could book an appointment by calling 9342188351 / 9916690069. To check out the latest offers, look them up on Instagram and Facebook and unlock transformation, unlock the new you.