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Wedding bells and merry times – 7 tips to make your dream wedding come true, with the help of a wedding planner

With the happiness of having a gorgeous wedding, also comes the anxiety and sleepless nights hoping everything goes according to the planning done from months. From a couple of years, irrespective of the budget of the wedding, brides and grooms are relying on wedding planners, while they can sit back and look amazing. Wedding planners are innovating and getting creative by the day, ensuring the couple have the perfect day of their life.  If you got your wedding coming in a few months, here are the top 10 tips for your dream wedding 

1. Fix your budget :

The most common thing about budgets is that they exceed. The devil is in the details and that can save you exceeding the budget. Small or big, ensure you consider all possible costs and expenditures that may occur and remember that your planner has a better anticipation of costs better than you do, as they would have planned a lot more times than you’d have. The budget not just includes the wedding location, wedding photography, wedding catering, wedding invitations and those crucial things but also all other trivial expenditure that you can foresee. 

2. Delegate like a boss :

Delegation is the best way to get things done if you want a complete tick on the wedding checklist. Once you sit down with your wedding planner and tell them everything in detail, you have successfully passed on the burden on their shoulder and the ball is now in their court to ace it. Ensure your planners have a good team who can take care of all your needs and they are updating you on a weekly basis. Assign tasks to people and measure them. Don’t do the tasks.

3. Choose a theme :

The people around you, like family and friends, are the ones to help you kickstart your career and your first cuMost amazing weddings that you drool over have been given a lot of attention in terms of theme and colour scheme. From flower decoration to curtains for outdoor weddings, they all are in contrast with the dresses of the groom and bride. Pick no more than 4 colours and ensure everything used are in the shades of those colours. I know this sounds hard from the outside but you’re actually helping yourself in making smart concise choices.stomers. Style them and create jaw dropping looks that can fetch you some happy credits. Remember, people always spread a word on where they get their clothes from or who helped them look better. Be a hit in your inner circle first and your work will carry those good vibes further.

4. Have an expectation setting session :

This particularly applies to your wedding photographers and videographers, wedding caterers, florists, gifting vendors, boutique where you are getting your clothing, jewellers, make-up artists and most importantly both sides of your family. Remember it is more about managing expectations than setting high bars for everyone. Keep it tangible and measurable.

5. Guest list and destination :

Of course we didn’t skip the super important part where you list down everyone who’s going to be there and where they are going to be at. Destination weddings are trending like never before and everyone is off exploring new places which are photogenic and breathtaking. What you need to ensure is that logistics in not a problem here and you are resourcing it in the right way. It can be quite overwhelming to make a guest list but remember to have those who truly matter and don’t make this an event to showcase yourself to the society.

6. Don’t make last minute changes :

Unless absolutely necessary, do not make last minute compulsive changes and just go with the plan. This can keep a check on your anxiety or the possibility of you having last minute breakdowns. Also when you don’t procrastinate, you don’t have to make any last minute changes  and you can smoothly go with the flow.

7. Team up your family and friends :

For each section in the wedding, tag along one family member or a friend with one or more tasks where they coordinate with the vendors and take decisions keeping you in the loop. This makes your wedding be super organised and you can track progress with ease.  All the planning and stress can get you on the nerves, so ensure you take ample rest, get good hours of sleep and put the glow on, on your special day…   To get the best vendors in your city, ring us up now : 9916690069